Do You Make Him Want to Be a Better Man?

Do You Make Him Want to Be a Better Man?Nearly two decades ago, Jack Nicholson handed generations of men a line that actually worked.

“You make me want to be a better man,” he told Helen Hunt in As Good As It Gets.

It’s impossible not to respond to a line like that, if spoken honestly. Is there any greater compliment? You inspire him to be a better person, to be worthy of your love. Even if things don’t work out, you’ll always know you changed his life. You changed him.

But why does that line work so well?

What does science have to say about the relationship between love and self-improvement?

Quite a lot, it turns out.

Relationships help us grow as people. We learn to communicate and compromise. We learn to give and receive love. We negotiate the delicate balance between self-care and service.

And we also become bigger people, through a process called self-expansion.[1]

In everyday life, we tend to think that who we are stops at the boundary of the body. This is me, and everything else is not me.

If we look more closely, we realize that’s not true. Psychologically, we are defined by our relationships. We embrace those we love as part of who we are. We wouldn’t be who we are today without our friends and family, who’ve shaped what we like and how we think.

The same goes for our romantic relationships.

Think about the last time you fell in love. Chances are, you felt as if you were merging into your beloved as if you were no longer two separate people but rather one. Falling in love helps dissolve the boundary between self and other, thereby expanding our sense of who we are.

That feeling of self-expansion is so important that it can make or break relationships.

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Win a Guy’s Interest with These Lesser-Known Physical Cues

Win a Guy’s Interest with These Lesser-Known Physical CuesSmile. Make eye contact. Tilt your head toward him. Touch your hair. Touch him.

Physical cues are important in getting a guy to pay attention to you. That’s not news. Head to any dating advice site. You’ll find tons of tips about the exact things I mention above.

Or better yet, go through my mini-course on this topic, designed by Amy Waterman.  She’s already done the work for you, condensing all the best ideas into one short video course currently available on my website.

Studies have shown that our actual words make up only 7% of how we communicate. The other 93%?

That’s right – physical cues. So you should definitely study up on the ones that work.

But is that it?

Are those all of the ways you can use your body to tell him you’re interested? Nope.

There are four lesser-known physical cues you can use as well. You won’t find as much info on them – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t important.

In fact, using them can make you stand out in a crowd since they aren’t as well-known!

So what are they?

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Life on the Sidelines—Women, Men, and Spectator Sports

Life on the Sidelines—Women, Men, and Spectator SportsIf you’re a woman who loves watching sports, consider yourself lucky. If not, you’re in the majority and probably already know what it feels like to be on the sidelines.

Let’s start with a typical worst-case scenario.

It’s the six-month anniversary of your first date with a terrific guy. You’re looking forward to a romantic evening out…or at least you were.

Since you don’t follow professional sports, you have no idea that your six-month anniversary happens to be falling in the middle of the [insert the name of any sports league here] finals.

On your anniversary, Team X will be facing off with Team Y. Who cares? Think again.


The terrific guy you’ve been dating for the past six months grew up in Team Y’s hometown and has been following the team since kindergarten. To put it mildly, he’s a huge fan. But when he gets together with the guys to watch the game, it’s about more than sports.

Okay, you’re skeptical. Sports are sports whether you’re talking about football or hockey, right? Not quite.

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How to Achieve Dating Bliss

How to Achieve Dating Bliss There’s a trick to being happy in dating.

Actually, this trick works for any relationship at any stage. You can use it with your family, friends, coworkers, boss, and yes, your partner. If you learn how to do this one thing, I can promise you every relationship in your life will be better.

But there’s a catch.

It’s a bit counter-intuitive. Enough so that you may disagree with me when I tell you. All I ask is that you give me the rest of this article. I think you’ll come around.

So what is this trick? Simple. Be selfish.

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