Things Interesting People Do

Things Interesting People DoSome people just fascinate me.

Sometimes I’m not entirely sure why. But one of my goals is to live a truly interesting life. So when I meet someone who seems very interesting, I pay attention.

In trying to figure out what makes interesting people interesting. I’ve noticed a few things. I’m going to share four of them with you in this article. Consider this your guide to becoming a more interesting person.

But before we start, no one’s saying you’re not interesting enough right now. These are just some tips to make you more interesting. If you’re an introvert, these will also help you break out of your shell a bit.

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How to Find Common Ground Fast

Relationship Association GameFinding common ground is one of the fastest ways to build a feeling of warmth. It’s how we establish familiarity with people we’ve just met. It’s also a surprisingly good way to restore feelings of connection with an existing partner.

But how do you find new common ground with someone you already know?

Even if you know someone really well, there are always new things to learn. The trick to getting to know someone better is to find out what you have in common. Here’s an easy way to do just that.

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Why Your Flirting Style Matters

Flirting StyleWhich style of flirting do you use most?

Research at the University of Kansas with more than 10,000 people revealed five distinct flirting styles.

It turns out the type of flirting you use can influence the types of relationships you end up in.

Dr. Jeffrey Hall is the professor at the University of Kansas who directed the research team and analyzed the results.

He found five primary flirting styles.

While there’s no right or wrong way to flirt, it turns out some of the flirting styles are more effective than others, depending on what kind of results you’re hoping for.

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The art of “exclusive” flirting

Exclusive FlirtingWhat’s the difference between “broadcast” flirting and “exclusive” flirting?

Broadcast flirting is on display for everyone to see.

When a woman uses broadcast flirting, everyone around can see what she’s up to.

For example, when Debbie laughs at all of Daniel’s jokes at the office party and purposefully compliments him in front of others.

Exclusive flirting is different.

Think of it like an exclusive club.

There are only two people in the club, and the two people share something exclusive.

You may think of yourself as someone who would never use flirting as an attraction tool, maybe because of the potential for embarrassment or a distaste for acting like someone you’re not.

But that’s because you think of all flirting as broadcast flirting.

Broadcast flirting dominates our perception of flirting because it’s what we see most often.

Exclusive flirting happens behind the scenes.

It’s far more subtle, and in my opinion more effective.

Let’s take a look at two examples of exclusive flirting.

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