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exercise and relationshipsHey its James.  I hope this post will inspire you to take one simple action…exercise.

If the effects of physical exercise could be bottled and sold in the form of a pill, sales of that pill would exceed all other medications combined.  Physical exercise is now included in the top-tier most effective interventions not just for heart disease, diabetes, weight loss, and high blood pressure, but for generalized anxiety, depression, and dementia.

A fit body and a happy mood are two of the most influential factors when it comes to attracting a quality man into your life.  If you struggle with the stress of life, exercise will help you keep a positive outlook on life and improve your sleep quality.  If you could stand to lose a few pounds, exercise will change key hormones in your body that influence something called “calorie partitioning.”  Calorie partitioning determines how many of the calories you consume go toward fat storage versus repairing muscle tissue and energy production.  Of course, it burns off some calories as well.

exercise and relationshipsDid you know that the popular antidepressant drug, Prozac could not beat twenty minutes of cardiovascular exercise four times per week as a treatment for depression?  It also beat or match all the other antidepressant drugs it has ever been compared to in clinical trials.  In other words, exercise helps us maintain a positive mood.

For that reason alone, exercise is worthwhile.  But when you combine that with the fact that it makes weight loss easier, makes your clothes fit better, and reduces your risk for all kinds of diseases, it just makes sense to build it into your daily routine.

Does the thought of exercising overwhelm you?  Let me challenge you to set a very small goal that doesn’t feel overwhelming.  If you’re not already exercising four days out of seven, start by doing just ten minutes of strength-building exercise in your living room.  Use a motivating DVD or just do sit-ups, push-ups, and standing lunges.

Do it before you put on your makeup each morning so you don’t resist it simply to avoid having to shower and redo your hair and makeup.  It’s harder to exercise in the mornings, but if you don’t you just won’t get around to it.

The key is to build those ten minutes into your daily routine just like brushing your teeth or checking your mail.  If it’s not a part of your daily routine, you just won’t do it.  Other things that seem more urgent will get in the way.

You can increase your exercise duration later.  For now, just start.  Get it into your routine.  Do just five minutes if that’s all you can easily manage right now.  You’ll find your energy improves, your mood improves, and you’ll find it easier to extend the duration of your exercise as those benefits unfold in your life.

Just looking out for you as always,


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17 thoughts on “Be Brave

  1. pam said:

    Thank you so much James. You have been a great help to me xx

  2. Vivi said:

    You are now my favorite coach. Where can I find all of your products on one site?

    • James Bauer said:

      Wow! That’s really nice. Thanks for the compliment. If you want to absorb more of my material, check it out here.

  3. Dee said:

    Thanks James for the encouraging message! Had already got ready to re-start tomorrow in a gym…. had to quit the end of last year because of illness, then snow storms & returned illness kept me from going back. This was just the extra “poke” I needed to get me going again. I always am able to glean something helpful from your postings!

  4. Cathy said:

    Thank you for all your emails, I really enjoy reading everything from you. I am in the Caribbean, on a small island called Barbados. That is just to let you know how far your messages have travelled, lol

    • James Bauer said:

      That’s really cool!

  5. lily said:

    Hi james I need to send a. Private mail. To uu regarding relatioship issues how do I get to u,

  6. Yeukai Diana Chikwata said:

    thanks James thats exactl what i need to feel good about myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. cathy said:

    Thanks James, I have really found what I was looking for in my life.

  8. uche said:

    Used to excercise but got lazy about it. Later got around to jogging afew minutes ,2 times a week and am so happy I have started. Feel lovelier and sexier… And the compliments have been flowing in! That freshness, that viibrant mood, and my clothes fit more now. It pays really to excercise .

  9. your post this morning ‘Happier & Thinner’. So much pertinent information in a few powerful paragraphs! Thank you for sharing these pointers with us..sometimes a little goes a really long way. I enjoy your communications greatly..and I feel like going for a JOG!!

      • Miss Doreen Summers said:

        Thanks James,,going to try 5 min a day, morning,,,only have to shift 1/2 stone,,not much , but will help.

      • Julie Shields said:

        Thank you. It has been something that I have really been thinking about, and when you put it that way, I believe a little bit of time (5-10 min), won’t hurt. I am going to start tomorrow. Thanks for the advice. Sincerely,

  10. maria said:

    I feel so much better and full of energy when I do a little bit of exercise. Thanks, its better then pills.

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