Boost Your Social Confidence

How To Boost Your Social ConfidenceDo you compare yourself to other women?

I know, dumb question.

It’s hard not to. In fact, it’s perfectly natural.

But here’s the problem. As a relationship consultant, I often see the negative impact it has on a woman’s social confidence.

And that’s because we tend to compare ourselves with the few people who seem to have it all together. She’s got a killer job, a beautiful face, perfect hair, money for all the right accessories, and the guys she dates . . .

She makes it look easy. And in the process, she makes you feel less confident.

She may be a friend. She could be an enemy. She might even be a frenemy. Whatever category she falls into, you seethe with jealousy. Why does she get all of that while you feel like you have to work really hard for a fraction of the success?

Here’s something to consider. Maybe she isn’t as happy and confident as she seems.

Her dating success is maddening. Why does it seem so effortless for her when you’re working your tail off?!

How can you be expected to tolerate her easy success? In a word, gracefully. And here’s how you pull that off.

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Use the ‘Elevator Pitch’ to Enhance Your Charismatic Charm

how to enhance your charismaEver heard of the “elevator pitch”?

Here’s how it works.

Business people and creative types (writers, inventors, consultants) run into someone important. Literally in an elevator.

They need to tell them about their business. Or share the basic idea of their novel. Because this person could help them.

But again – they are in an elevator. They only have a few seconds.

So an “elevator pitch” is a catchy hook. Or a quick, memorable summary. To get someone excited about you. Or your idea.

Can you see how this might be helpful in dating?  You can use this idea to hook a guy’s attention for romantic reasons too.

Let me lay it out for you.

We have horrible attention spans. And they’re getting worse. In 2000, research found that the average person will pay attention for about 12 seconds.

Awful, right?

Well, they did the study again in 2015. Guess what the number was? 8 seconds. Thanks a lot, smartphones.

Then there was a Rutgers University study. It found that people form snap judgments about others in as little as 6 seconds.

So let’s say you’re talking to a guy. Wondering how to make him think you’re interesting. Attractive. Dateable.

Sorry. Too late. He’s already decided.

You’ve missed your window of opportunity.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can make an unforgettable first impression. By crafting a personal “elevator pitch.”

And I’m going to tell you exactly how to do it.

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