Two Power Habits for Dating

good dating habitsHere are two essential “power habits” that work synergistically to put you in contact with more quality men and ensure you enjoy the dating process as it unfolds.

  1. Remember his name the first time you meet him (and every time after).
  2. Use the power of networking.

I’m sure you’ve heard someone say the sweetest word in the English language is your own name.  When someone addresses you by first name, it causes an automatic positive feeling.  It gives you the feeling that they noticed you and connected with you on a level that made your name significant to them.

On the flipside, this is why you internally wince when you can’t remember someone’s name who cheerfully greets you by first name after having met you only once before.  It’s even worse if this is the third time you run into them, and you still can’t remember their name!

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