How to Ruin Your Relationship (and Still End Up “Lucky in Love”)

dealing with failureThere’s an old saying: “The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.”

In other words, failing is a part of the journey that transforms you into a master (at anything).

Like her or not, you may know the name Arianna Huffington. She’s the editor-in-chief and President of The Huffington Post. What you may not know is that long before she founded one of the most successful news sites on the internet, her second book was rejected by publishers a whopping 36 times.

That’s right. Her second book. Her first book had been a success, and still no one wanted to publish the second. Talk about a crippling blow.

But, here’s what she says about the low points of her career:

“My mother instilled in me that failure was not something to be afraid of, that it was not the opposite of success. It was a stepping stone to success. So I had no fear of failure. Perseverance is everything. I don’t give up. Everybody has failures, but successful people keep on going…”

Everybody has failures, but successful people keep on going.

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