Become Charismatic Without Even Trying

how to be friendlierHere’s a fun experiment.

Treat everyone you meet today as if you secretly know they are going to turn out to be a close friend you can love and trust.

Guess what happens when you do this?

A deeply rooted instinct gets triggered inside you. It’s an instinct that has to do with your sense of meaning and purpose.

It’s natural that most of us exist primarily in a world of self-protection. It’s something we do in our mind more than anything else.

Our daily interactions are primarily self-centered. I don’t mean that as any kind of harsh criticism. It’s just the reality of being human.

We naturally focus on our own personal goals. Most of those goals relate to gratifying personal needs and desires.

Something interesting happens when we begin to purposefully think of others as close friends or family members. Here’s what changes.

Our interactions suddenly take on a deeper sense of meaning when we learn how to be friendlier towards others.

What happens next is a domino effect.

Deeply listening suddenly becomes automatic. You don’t even have to try.

Interacting with them suddenly becomes fun. It feels meaningful because you want to give as much as you can in the relationship. You get a positive sense of meaning from enhancing the other person’s life.

These are your core relationship instincts. They sometimes get suppressed when we’re so busy with our computers, smart phones, and internal world of thoughts.

No, I don’t expect you to do this 100% of the time. But just practicing this once in a while can be good for you, especially if you are openly looking for romantic connection with someone special.

Here’s how it helps. Anything you practice becomes more dominant in your mind. If you practice thinking grumpy thoughts, those thoughts gradually become quicker to surface in your mind.

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