How to Get a Guy to Like You FAST

How to Get a Guy to Like You FASTHow do you make a lasting impression when you only get 60 seconds?

That’s all the time it takes for people to start judging you. It’s an insanely short window.

Take Jessica as an example. She’s single and interested in meeting someone new. So she goes out, mingles, and tries to stay socially plugged in.

Recently, she was at a happy hour with some friends. They got into a conversation with some guys at the next table. They talked for a bit, and then the men moved on.

When you’re single, opportunities to meet someone can pop up and vanish just that quickly. You get a few minutes of conversation at most. That’s it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a typical social environment, like a bar, or somewhere else, like the gym, the breakroom at work, or even the grocery store. If you meet a guy you’d like to get to know better, you get one shot at a first impression.

How do you make it count?

There are several psychological hacks[i] you can use to make the most of those moments. These aren’t tricks or traps. I would never suggest that you deceive a guy you’re interested in.

Instead, these are ways to fast-track showing him the kind of person you are. And at the same time, you’ll get to find out what kind of person he is.

If you want to make the most of an opportunity for romance, the following three hacks will help nail that first impression.

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How to Spot an Emotionally Mature Man

How to spot a mature manYour intuition will be your guide to recognizing an emotionally mature man. Many women make the mistake of ignoring their intuition when they meet an attractive guy who shows interest in them.

If you have not already enhanced your intuition with my course on intuition for dating, get access to those materials and invest in that important personal skill. It will help you in many areas of life beyond the world of dating and relationships. You can find information by clicking here.

Beyond intuition, there are a few specific things you can look for to help you determine whether a guy is emotionally mature enough for a committed relationship.

Probably the easiest way you can tell is simply by looking at his friends. It’s not a foolproof indicator of maturity, but generally speaking, immature friends suggest he may be more immature than he lets on when interacting with you.

Want to find a man who is ready for marriage? Then look for a man whose friends have been getting engaged or married within the past year. It speaks to his stage of life, and statistics seem to suggest people are more likely to look for a serious commitment when their friends begin to tie the knot.

The reverse is true as well. A man whose friends are getting wasted in the corner, throwing spit balls at the waitress, and making lewd remarks about what might go on between you and this guy later… well, you can probably guess what that would suggest about his attitudes, even if he does not admit to them because he senses you are a woman of higher class.

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Tempt Him With Happiness

how to tempt menYour happiness is a form of psychological wealth!  It’s the kind of wealth that has unlimited value.  You can’t buy happiness directly.  You can buy material things that contribute to your happiness, but behind each of those purchases is the desire to attain happiness itself.

I’ve mentioned before that one of the top reasons men give for having proposed to a woman comes down to his perception that she is happy and energetic.  Happiness can be contagious.  Someone who talks about the adventures they look forward to in life gets you thinking about the same kind of thing.  Someone who verbally appreciates the simple things-like really good dinner rolls or the elegant way a napkin was folded-makes for a better first date.

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Going to Extremes to Get Together

dating comfort zoneI was driving out of my neighborhood this morning when I saw my neighbor’s four-year-old son playing outside. My neighbors are Emily and Mark, and their four-year-old son, Ethan. Emily is an American, though she speaks with a mixed accent after having spent most of her adult life living in England with her English husband, Mark. They moved to the U.S. about three years ago.

As I drove past their yard I recognized Ethan’s grandparents outside playing with him. The grandparents frequently fly in from London to spend time with the family. It struck me today that the grandparents go to great lengths to ensure a solid relationship with their grandson. Flying across an ocean and spending thousands of dollars is not a deterrent when you realize that relationships account for the majority of the happiness and success we achieve in our lives.

This got me thinking, why do so many of my clients complain about living in a small town where it’s hard to meet guys? Why do so many of my clients complain that there are no good venues to meet men for people who don’t like the bar scene? Have they limited their perspective too much? Could it be that they have not realized the full importance and value of going to extraordinary measures for the sake of building an extraordinary relationship? After all, a relationship can last a lifetime.

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