Deepen Communication With This Method

how to deepen communicationSome of the most interesting things people have learned about communication have come from the field of couples therapy.

There is one intimacy-deepening communication method that has spread from counseling rooms to business board rooms and even to government training programs.

The reason? It works! I’d like to share a few of the core components of this method with you.

The communication concept has taken on different names, but I call it, “shared-moment communication.”

That term comes from the core component that makes it so powerful. When done correctly, shared-moment communication causes two people to feel in-tune with each other.

Communication is often used to manipulate people. We manipulate others to see things from our perspective. We manipulate others even when we give a compliment in hopes of receiving a positive response.

I once heard a psychology professor claim that all communication is manipulation in one form or another. I don’t agree with that, because I’ve discovered shared-moment communication.

With shared-moment communication, you can actually draw the other person into a deeper level of intimacy, even if they are not actively practicing shared-moment communication themselves.

How does it work?

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