The Act of Lovemaking

how to create love in your life

Let’s talk about how to create love out of thin air.

I chose this title (The Act of Lovemaking) to remind you of something important. Love is something we make. It’s not something we find.

It’s completely understandable that you want someone who will cherish you and love you for who you are. I am 100% on board with that mission.

However, I also want to offer this caution. Do not make the mistake of searching for love the way some people search for meaning. You can search for meaning your whole life, and never find it, unless you get your hands dirty trying to help someone.

When you stop searching for meaning, and instead sink your teeth into trying to make a difference in someone’s life, meaning reveals itself to you. It reveals itself in that moment because you created it. The meaning was created by your choice, the choice you made when you decided to care.

You can spend your whole life reading philosophical books about meaning, endlessly debating the true purpose of your life. Yet a feeling of meaning and connection can only be found in your decisions to care about something.

If you want a meaningful life, you have to stop looking for it and start creating it instead.

It’s the same way with love.

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