How to Improve your Looks (By The Standards That Matter To Men)

How to Improve your Looks by the standards that matter to menThere are some things about your personal appearance you simply cannot do anything to change. For the sake of building your own confidence and self-esteem, it is important that you accept those things completely.

Yes, I know you would still change them if your fairy godmother showed up with a magic wand and gave you the option. Just make sure you don’t hold your breath, waiting to embrace your body until later.

There is a lot to be said for fully embracing the body you find yourself living in. If you have features you don’t like, do everything in your power to fully accept them and make friends with yourself as a person who has those features. It really does improve your quality of life when you accept yourself as you are.

That being said, you don’t want to miss out on easy opportunities that could allow you to better tug at men’s attraction triggers. If you can do something to enhance your appearance, you might choose to do so. It all depends on how comfortable you are with the idea.

Here are a few things researchers claim as fairly strong variables that influence an average man’s attraction triggers (assuming you care what “average” men think).

One is a smooth and clear complexion. Another is clear eyes. And a third is long, healthy hair (for Caucasian women anyway), which men just called “shiny” in research samples. Those factors were at the top of the list of variables that seemed to really attract research participants when a research team showed men hundreds of pictures and carefully analyzed the results.

How to Improve Your Looks – Practical Steps You Could Take to Improve Your Attraction Triggers:

At Be Irresistible, we don’t recommend beauty products just for the heck of it. We don’t usually research them either. But when women tell us something works unusually well, we pass on that information to our members.

There is a hair product that seems to be a few steps above the rest when it comes to adding a silky shine and taming frizz. It may actually live up to the advertising hype according to some women I personally asked to try it (after hearing from a reader that it is amazingly good).

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“Emotional Attraction” vs. “Physical Attraction”

Emotional vs. physical attractionWhat is the difference between “emotional attraction” and “physical attraction?” While there are varying opinions on this matter, I’ll share the general consensus from men I have asked to put their feelings into words.

Physical attraction is the desire to look and touch because what you see is pleasant to look at or arousing on a biological level. Basically, your sexual desire is triggered.

Emotional attraction is a feeling that you want to kiss someone on the mouth and meld the story of your life with hers. You want her to love you back and you feel a possessive romantic drive to be important to her – to share life with her.

Physical attraction is far simpler, and far less sustainable than emotional attraction. It is more of a one-sided attraction (at least the way men feel it). This may or may not be a surprise to you, but men can feel a sexual attraction toward a woman without necessarily feeling a need to posses her exclusively. It’s kind of like he can feel a wild biological drive to have sex with a woman without much concern for what she does the next day (non-possessive physical attraction).

On the opposite side, emotional attraction is driven by the respect a man feels for a woman he would like to experience a two-way relationship with. He wants her to think highly of him and respect him. He wants her to value him above all the other men she could be with. Emotional attraction is necessary for him to experience a true, deep sort of jealousy when her interest seems to be drifting toward another man. It is a possessive desire for shared oneness.

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