What He’s Learning About Women And Why You Should Be Wary

how to stop a pickup artistHave you heard of the “seduction community?”

Even if you haven’t, there’s a good chance the guy you’re dating has. But here’s the real question …Is he using those methods on you?

Maybe you want to be seduced. After all, it sounds kind of romantic. Why wouldn’t a guy work hard to seduce you.  Shouldn’t you want him to?

Well, I’ll leave that decision to you after you’ve read what I’m about to tell you. As your dating and relationship coach, I feel an obligation to shed light on a potentially dangerous situation.

You need to know what male dating coaches are teaching men about dating women. Some of it’s good, old-fashioned, sound advice. But some of it has the potential to block any kind of real relationship from developing.

And that’s why I’m about to show you some of the dangerous stuff guys are being taught about women. To do that, I’ve brought in my friend, Amy Waterman, who has seen the inside operations of the seduction community.

She’ll open your eyes to the dangers you need to watch out for. And she’ll show you how to turn these misguided men toward healthy modes of interaction with you.



Here’s the special report from Amy…


Back in a previous life, I studied men’s dating advice.

I knew all the guys teaching other men how to get good with women. I bumped into the legendary David DeAngelo from Double Your Dating at a conference in L.A. I went to lunch with Neil Strauss, AKA the pickup artist known as Style.

I was on Skype interviewing Carlos Xuma, David Wygant, Zan Perrion, Dave M and endless others.

I knew exactly what the world’s top dating coaches were teaching men.

And I hated it.

Men aren’t any different from us. They want to perfect their dating technique, too. So they’re also reaching out to dating coaches and experts for advice.

But the advice they’re being given may shock you.

John Gray claimed we’re from different planets. When you look at what men are teaching other men about women, you might begin to agree. We can’t be from the same species.

Professionals in the field of psychology, including practicing counselors, don’t teach one thing to men and something else to women. Relationship skills are relationship skills.

So why is there such a vast gulf between the popular dating advice being given to men and women?

It’s simple:

Both camps want their clients to get results, but how they define those results is completely different.

The dating advice given by self-styled gurus comes from experience, not theory.

Men teach other men what works in their experience. They’re not coming from a background in psychology or science. They’re not committed to a professional code of ethics. They just want to get results. For most of them, “results” can only mean one thing:


A notch on the bedpost.

When you begin to look seriously into what men are learning about women, you realize that “getting the girl” does not mean the same thing to a man that “getting the guy” means to you.

For women, “getting a guy” tends to mean finding someone for a committed long-term relationship.

For men, “getting a girl” usually refers to getting her into bed.

Of course not all men prefer one night stands to relationships. Not all women prefer a committed relationship to just having fun.

But a lot of popular dating advice tars everyone with the same brush. Men want just one thing. Women only want a ring. Political correctness doesn’t come into it.

Men’s dating advice is having a HUGE impact on what men expect from their encounters with women. It’s affecting how men behave and what they believe about you.

You need to know what men are teaching men about women.

And you need to know what to do if you fall for a guy who’s learned his techniques from professionals.

Are you ready to find out how men are learning how to play the dating game?

Be warned. It’s not comfortable.

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