Draw Him Closer by Feeding Him This

dealing with a man's egoThe male ego is a strange beast.

On one hand, men are proud creatures. They like to feel independent, strong and respected. But they can also be big babies.

Sometimes really big babies.

Dealing with your guy’s ego is kind of like feeding a lion. If you don’t give it enough food, it’ll wither. It’s hard to imagine anything more depressing than the king of the jungle wasting away simply because he can’t get a decent meal.

But if you feed his ego too much, it can turn into a rabid, blood-thirsty monster. Something like Jaws with a mane.

Too much and too little are both bad.

Granted, this is true for everyone. But it’s especially true for us guys. And that’s because guys tend to use their ego as a shield.

Few men will let you get close to them if their egos have recently taken a beating.

Author Carli Blau puts it this way: “A man will sooner let his ego control his emotions than allow his heart to control it, especially if his ego has been bruised.”[i]

So if you want a real connection with him, you have to learn how to feed a lion. Once you learn to do this you’ll be nothing short then His Secret Obsession. Hence the title of my newest course.

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Why “energy management” matters more than “time management”

Think back to a sleepy Wednesday afternoon at work. On a day when you felt uninspired, your energy was low, and your mind was wandering aimlessly. Having trouble remembering a time like this? It may be hard to remember because it’s just not memorable.

In this article, we’re going to discuss an easy way to be more memorable to a guy you like.

People like to talk about time management. The simple truth is, time management comes down to a few simple principles like chunking your time, decreasing distractions, and then actually sticking with your priorities. Recently, however, personal development gurus have started to catch on to a growing trend. It’s energy management.

Energy management is all about conserving and focusing energy, not time. With peak energy, you can accomplish more in less time.

Forget time management. Think energy management.

When it comes to dating guys, the energy you bring to an interaction predicts the outcome better than the amount of time you spend talking with him.

Think back to a time when you were interacting with someone who had a buzz of energy. Maybe it was because of the fascinating topic they were focused on.

energy managementThink about the way their eyes move when they are really interested in what they are describing or the story they are relaying. Think about the vocal tones that carry their words. Think about their hand motions and the way they shift their feet as they talk.

When a person is interested in something, they come alive.

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