Necessary Sacrifices

making necessary sacrificesYou only get twenty-four hours per day.  If you could freeze time while you roamed the world, you might have better luck finding the right man before the hands of time arrested your efforts.  The simple truth is, we must accomplish every aspect of living within the confines of a mere twenty-four hours per day.  Those twenty-four hours go by quick!

You must arrange your life so that you can live fully within the confines of the twenty-four hours you have to work with each day.  Unlike money, your time budget will never change.  You can get more money, but you will never get more than twenty-four hours a day.

This realization is not comfortable or pleasant.  It is, however, a necessary realization if you are going to learn to live comfortably and successfully, rather than constantly straining to achieve more than is possible with the limited time you have.

Being in a relationship, or pursuing a new relationship, requires a set of necessary sacrifices.  Here are the sacrifices I recommend you make so you can be more successful with the time you have.

Give up on watching the horizon for a better time to take the plunge and invest time in relationships.  For whatever reason, our plate is always full of activities.  If you remove one activity, the time you have gets eaten up by something else.  Use your intuition to decide which pursuits to cut out of your life.  Then spend time pursuing a relationship, even if things are a bit messy because of other time demands.

Accept that you will not be able to date every eligible man before deciding which one is the best.  This requires that you listen to your intuition.  Your intuition will tell you when it’s time to cut a relationship short, or when it’s right to give your heart permission to delight in the man you have found.

Give up on the idea of conserving your energy for work.  You get sixteen hours per day of wakefulness, and only eight of those need to be work hours.  Yet most people spend the eight non-working hours as if they were some sort of preamble and conclusion to “the day,” by which they mean the work day.

During the non-working hours people feel entitled to relax and do nothing.  You might insist the full energy given to your sixteen waking hours would lessen the value of the eight business hours.  I disagree.  Energy begets energy.  We all need downtime and rest, but what constitutes resting is mainly a matter of attitude.  For one person it’s a mountain bike ride through a forest with friends, while for another person, it’s watching TV in solitude.  Even if you did one of those activities for two hours every work day, that still leaves you six hours that could be used productively in pursuit of your primary life goals.  Adopt the sixteen-hour-day mentality and see whether spending more energy leaves you feeling happier or drained.

making necessary sacrificesGive up on feeling ready.   People often wait for a solid sense of direction before taking action with the time they have available.  Not sure how to move your relationship forward?  Not sure how to meet more eligible men?  Dive in and you will find your intuition comes to your rescue.

How do you respond when someone stands at the edge of a swimming pool and asks how to overcome the hesitation to leap into the cool water?  You tell them there is no secret, and they must simply jump.  There is no preparation that will make them feel ready for the shock of the cold water on their skin.  Your intuition will feed you many ideas once you take the leap, but you won’t feel ready before you take the leap.

With all this talk of intuition, it would be understandable if you thought I relied too much on intuition as an answer for every problem.  There’s a reason for that.  Intuition has become a partner I rely on heavily as a dating coach.

I train my clients to tap into a far more powerful source of intuition than they ever imagined they possessed.  Only then do I send them out to accomplish the relationship success for which they sought my assistance.  Intuition is powerful for those who apply just a tiny bit of time to develop its potential more fully.

In the world of dating, intuition can make all the difference.  It’s the difference between confusion about what a man is thinking, and clear insights about what is about to unfold.  It’s the difference between confidence in romantic decision-making versus hand-wringing and over-reliance on friends who only tell you what they think you want to hear.

It’s because of the power of intuition that I devoted hours of my life to create training materials for any woman who chooses to unleash the power of intuition in her romantic world.  With the limited time we have, every decision matters.  Click this link to unleash your own intuition now.

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11 thoughts on “Necessary Sacrifices

  1. Dated a guy earlier this year for 7 weeks. really fell in love but he kept telling me about all his past girlfriends (and there were many) and why he broke up with them (always their fault). In the end I decided not to date him anymore because it seemed the writing was on the wall. He also kept talking about a friend (no longer) of mine and how pretty she was while also saying she was fat and a bimbo. Apparently he hit on her sex even when she he knew she really ‘liked’ him and considered him a friend (she was very offended). I also suspect they had sex when we were dating (intuition). Within 6 weeks of letting him go, he started seeing one of his old girlfriends from a few years back – he broke up with she would not have sex because of cultural beliefs – he actually said to me she owed him sex because he spent a lot of money on her (not in those exact words). Until this week he was on a dating website almost daily (I’m not spying I’m just on the same site). I see them almost every weekend together and it still hurts. She seems absolutely lovely and a really beautiful soul. I just found out she is Buddhist and is teaching him about it. It ill be interesting to see where it goes.

  2. Kits said:

    I just wonder if I could possibly ask the same question about the specific method for bypassing a man’s difficulty with opening up to his dating partner. Could you please tell me where I can learn this method? Many thanks in advance!

    • James Bauer said:

      Hi Kits. It’s a method covered in a course I released about communication methods to draw men closer. It’s only available as an add-on purchase during the checkout process for those who decide to purchase my What Men Secretly Want course.

  3. Julie said:

    My intuition told me something was wrong with a guy I have been dating for 6 weeks. All of a sudden he says we are too different from one-another, and that he wants to date other people to be sure he’s with the right woman. I do want him to be sure, but it’s difficult to think about him being with other women. We’re both on the same dating site, and never went off completely- and it’s hard when I go on there to see that he is/was just on there. What can I do? I know I can’t force him to be in a relationship if he doesn’t want to. Very confused/hurt.

    • James Bauer said:

      Hi Julie. I certainly understand why that creates stress for you. Have you had a conversation about what differences he perceives? It’s possible there may be room to grow closer through a discussion of what he perceives as “too different.”

      I suggest you date other people as well as long as he is doing the same.

  4. john said:

    Intuition can make all the difference.  It’s the difference between confusion about what a man is thinking, and clear insights about what is about to unfold.  It’s the difference between confidence in romantic decision-making versus handwringing and overreliance on friends who only tell you what they think you want to hear.

    Well,I have been reading your articles in my mailbox but have noticed You don’t use to talk about man’s issues too.
    Is there another blog site that’s created for that too?…..
    Pls,I will like to have your email address…

    • James Bauer said:

      I have considered another website for a male audience, but at this time it takes all my effort to keep up with this one website.

  5. Helen said:

    Curious that you have only ONE mailbox key, that SHE has a separate credit card and that YOU appear to have opened HER mail. Looks like a lack of trust on both sides; OR her reaction to a controlling husband. Just wondering.

  6. ray said:

    Yes, intuition, never knew about it when we got married in 1961, but since, after her 5yr affair 1966 to 1970 i started to see a comparison between HER and HER dad, they are both deceitful liars and cheats who would do anything for a free ride, no shame, no conscience just a lot of crafty fast talking when they get caught.
    I had her car keys today (Jan. 12/2014), she has the only mailbox key, so i picked up the mail when i broght the car around to the front door of the apt. so she could go to church, and found she had put $5,000 on her credit card.
    Just keeps lying non-stop like her dad.

  7. Suellenedgar said:

    In one of your daily email updates, you say, “At we teach a specific method for bypassing a man’s difficulty with opening up to his dating partner” .

    I have not found this “specific method” and would like you to point me in the right direction so I can learn about it. Many thanks. Sue

    • James Bauer said:

      Hey Sue. I will send you an email about where you can access that training. I have asked my web team to make it accessible, and they did, but only for a short time because they decided it needed some improvements. They will send out a link to the communication material soon (I’m hoping in less than two weeks). Thanks for your interest.

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