Introducing “The Butterfly Method” to Survive the Storms in Your Relationship

People Will Judge You for Doing This in RelationshipsPeople will judge you for trying hard.

I did it just the other day. I was standing in line at Walmart. The line was moving slow, and I couldn’t help but notice something.

Walmart had invested in 30 cash registers, yet only two of them were open.

I snickered at how stupid Walmart is. Then I remembered something.

I’m standing in line because they accomplished something difficult. They managed to give me the best price in town. And still make a profit.

Maybe they’re not so stupid.

Maybe having only two cash registers open helps them keep prices down.

They try hard. I have to admire that.

But a lot of “cool people” snicker at those of us who try hard. Giving up and being pessimistic is cool to these people.

Sorry, but that’s not my definition of cool.

Cool is trying hard even if you might fall on your face. Cool is trying again even after you’ve failed several times before.

Cool is the boyfriend who still holds doors open, tells his girlfriend she’s beautiful, and offers to carry things for her while showing respect. Those are real men. They try hard.

Don’t be afraid to try hard. You’ll attract the kind qualities you build up in yourself.

If you want a man who will try hard, someone who will overcome obstacles in the relationship so he can keep loving you, then look for this one quality: Rejection of cynicism.

Someone who’s not afraid to openly talk about what he wants. Someone who’s not too cool to try. Not too cool to admit some things are worth caring about.

But should you always try hard?

They say life is a balance between holding on and letting go.

Caught in a windstorm, a butterfly may have to release its grip on the branch it was clinging to. Or else its wings could be torn off by the intensity of the wind.

The butterfly must go with the flow. Allow the wind to take control. Stop resisting.

But that’s not the same thing as giving up. When the wind dies down, the butterfly can resume its journey.

I was amazed when I first learned that monarchs migrate thousands of miles each year to gather at a specific location in Mexico. They seem too delicate for that long journey.

But somehow, they manage. Apparently, they try hard. One day life might blow them off course. The next day they’re moving toward their goal again.

Trying hard says something about you. It says you value something. Something is meaningful enough to be worth your effort.

You’re not too cool to embrace something good… even if it’s hard to achieve it. Even if you fall on your face a few times.

Even if you sometimes have to let go and let the wind blow you off course for a while.

Relationships are among those things I value. I think it’s worth trying hard to have a brilliant relationship.

If you read my blog, you probably agree. And in my mind, that makes you special. So I encourage you to look for a man who shares that special quality.

Find meaning. Embrace life. Try hard.

Always on your side,

James Bauer

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20 thoughts on “Introducing “The Butterfly Method” to Survive the Storms in Your Relationship

  1. Brandi Gutierrez said:

    Hello James. I have been wanting to try and talk to you about the man in my life. So we have been together 2 years and we have lived together almost a year. He had been married before and has told me a lot how he’s scared to get married again. I have had some health issues come up in my life that has put a lot of stress on me and I haven’t been as fun. Well here last week he decided he needed space so I packed a bag and went to my mothers house. So about 4 days later he contacted me and told me he wanted to see me. So I went over and he shared with me how much he missed me. He told me he missed me a lot and he’s not asking me to move back in but he wants to date me again. So we went on our first date and it went really well! We laughed flirted all of the above. Well the next day I didn’t really hear anything from him. Also on the date he would me that every time he thinks about us getting married and or having kids he freaks out and gets nervous. I know I shouldn’t expect him to text me. It is just a difficult task when I used to live with him and talk to him everyday. I asked our roommate who lives with him if he still loves and wants to be with me and she said yeah i really do think so. So here I am buying your book and on this blog trying to get by day by day to be this calm cool collected girl for him. My biggest thing James is. Do you think it will work out and also should I be initiating the texting/calls. I don’t want to scare him away so I’m trying to limit what I do. Please help if you can. Thank you James. I am willing to do anything to help this relationship I love him. He is a great man. Please help me feel better and not so sick to my stomach all the time

    • James Bauer said:

      Hey Brandi. This is the perfect kind of question to submit to our relationship coaches. You can do so here.

  2. Susanne said:

    Awesome and encouraging article, giving perspective of the process in relationships and qualities to look for in a man. It brought some clarity of mind to me. We might work hard ourselves, but we have to watch the “fruit” in someone else’s life, to see if they are willing to the heavy lifting too, or just want to go for what feels good in the moment. Really appreciate your wisdom.
    Thank you

  3. Donna said:

    Bravo James…Exactly what I needed to read this morning..Thank you 🙂

    • I’d venutre that this article has saved me more time than any other.

  4. Julie said:

    Hi James, I love what you have said here. It is so true and so beautiful. I always look forward to reading your work! Life is about our journey daily, not the destination. When we get blown off course, sometimes that is just what we need to get to where we are really meant to go. The long path can get you to the right place a whole lot faster than taking the short one.
    Many blessings to you.

  5. Ahanonu ngozi said:

    This time is the point that I need this book in my life just to get my Mr Right get connected to me, because I have make a lot of mistakes. Tax for this book Mr James

  6. p said:

    Another great article. Thank you again!

  7. Penny Needham said:

    I’m in a 8 year relationship with a man but he is very insecure which causes a lot of jealousy on his part! I was married before and my ex husband had the same problem although he became physically and emotionally abusive, he ended up committing suicide. But this relationship I’m in now, I find myself not really being happy because I feel controlled and he constantly wants sex all the time, he stated he don’t want any man stopping by the house when he’s not home and he calls numerous times a day to see what I’m doing, who I’m with how long I’ll be there, I know he loves me and I do love him but I don’t think I’m in love with him, can I get some advice? I don’t want to hurt him but at the same time o want to be happy as well because right now I’m really not! My name is Penny

    • James Bauer said:

      Hi Penny. It’s an interesting situation because he’s really “trying hard,” just not in a good way. Jealousy is really about trust. He hasn’t learned how to trust a woman and as a result he’s driving you away. You might start by being upfront with him about that fact. For more personalized advice, please see our private advice service here.

  8. Joyce said:

    James Bauer, You are one amazing man! I can’t put into words how valuable you are as they seem too shallow to express what I mean and can only, really be felt. But, I’m going to try.
    Your pursuits are noble to say the least. You seem to enjoy what you do, while serving your fellow human. With your Be Irresistible program and your articles here, you help so many. Though I believe you to be younger than I, I feel like I’ve got this older brother looking out for me. You’ll tell me the truth even if it might hurt. Because, you genuinely don’t want me to be hurt. The beautiful way you word things really helps to minimize the “duh!” factor. The analogies you use make it so easy to understand. I always feel that you come from a place of love. In my view, you are the romantic, poet philosopher. I respect your opinion and value your work.
    I believe in encouraging and empowering others. Telling others things that make them feel good.
    Thank you so much for encouraging me to be a better me and empowering me with your thoughtful insight! I appreciate you! Joyce

    • James Bauer said:

      Wow, Joyce. You just made my day! Thank you for encouraging me like that. It means a lot.


  9. Michelle said:


    I have a question regarding respect and masculine/feminine –

    I’m going on a second date this weekend and the guy told me if his plans for us. Without thinking, I mentioned I liked doing activities like going to the zoo, etc as I wanted to steer away from a night out drinking. Is this considered disrespectful?
    I know it’s important for a man to feel like what he planned will make us happy, I did convey his plans were great and gave praise there.

    Just wondering if this might have sounded dis respectful and that I’m difficult to please? I was thinking to clarify I would send a text this week and let him know I’m excited for whatever he had planned?

    • James Bauer said:

      Michelle, the degree of thought you put into this tells me something about you. You’re a thoughtful and insightful person who is overly cautious about offending others.

      Because of that, I trust you said it with a vocal tone that was respectful, rather than demanding.

      I personally would love to have information like that. It will give him confidence regarding the things you will most enjoy while spending time together.


  10. Amy said:

    James, I was in a relationship off and on about 6 1/2 mo. I left my husband in April and my boyfriend was a friend from work for several months before I left my husband.We did not plan it @all…in fact I never expected he and I would end up dating.Anyway my boyfriend helped me get back on my feet …put my kids and I in a hotel until I found an apartment…he paid for deposit and everything…bought things for my home….he was a great man….but very insecure and jealous. We’ve broke up 3or 4 times for his jealousy or my not telling him everything about my ex and our seperation. I fell inlove with him…he saved me ….like my Knight who rescued me from HELL. I love him and try to make him understand I am committed or was committed to only him.I’m trying really hard to keep him but he has no trust in women. Please help…it’s been a month since he has talked to me face to face..I’ve text and e-mailed him…i get short responses…but i know he loves me! I need him back. Should I keep trying or leave him alone?

    • James Bauer said:


      It’s best to keep the door of communication open. But you also want to reduce any appearance that you are chasing him. He pursued you when you needed help. That triggered the hero instinct I talk about in my relationship mastery course. You might wait a few weeks and then ask him for help with something small…something that does not require a big commitment of time.


  11. Debbi Phelps said:

    My husband and I have been married for 2 yrs. He has 2 children (13 and 9) from previous marriage. The kids have been in care for 2 yrs before he divorced his ex – I believe he still blames himself. Middle of last year he started coaching U14 girls team for football as his daughter plays. I have asked him to spend a little less time coaching but he has said that he cant split himself into 4 parts – work, kids, coaching and me. He also feels that we do not need to have a common interest(s). I don’t see how we can carry on if we don’t. I have therefore decided to remove myself from the family home for at least 2 weeks to see if we can decide whether we stay or split up. I should say this is my 4th marriage – the nunnery is looking really good at the moment lol. If he doesn’t want to change and I feel so unhappy what do you recommend?

    • James Bauer said:

      Hey Debbi. I wish he was more open to discussing solutions with you. You should join our private forum where members can get into longer, more meaningful discussions about this kind of question than what we can tackle in blog comments.

  12. Ruth Pallett said:

    Hi James,
    There is a card I bought my son last year which says on it ‘Being Cool is easy, but being awesome takes practice!’ as he is always going on about kids at school who are ‘cool’ because he gets bullied quite a lot. I love your reiteration of this concept and the detail you have brought to it. I hope he can take it to heart as it is so true, and if he can believe it, I think he can move on from the rubbish he gets at school to be a really awesome grown up. I know this is meant as romantic relationship advice, I bought your course when I was trying to save a marriage (unfortunately too late as he was seeing someone else) but I continue to read because you make me feel uplifted and a little more in control of my own emotions and hopeful of eventually starting a new life. I also think you make great life and general relationship comments which can be brought to fruition in all areas of life.

    I love what Joyce said and would like to add my own thanks for giving me the ability to start to see a future for myself. (I’m a bit weepy lol)

    • James Bauer said:

      Thanks, Ruth. I appreciate that. I’d say your son is lucky to have a mother who is dedicated to the art of raising kids well. Keep up the good work!


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