Things Interesting People Do

Things Interesting People DoSome people just fascinate me.

Sometimes I’m not entirely sure why. But one of my goals is to live a truly interesting life. So when I meet someone who seems very interesting, I pay attention.

In trying to figure out what makes interesting people interesting. I’ve noticed a few things. I’m going to share four of them with you in this article. Consider this your guide to becoming a more interesting person.

But before we start, no one’s saying you’re not interesting enough right now. These are just some tips to make you more interesting. If you’re an introvert, these will also help you break out of your shell a bit.

  1. Interesting people share more.
    Specifically, they tend to say the things the rest of us suppress. Things like: “Has that painting always been there?” Or, “I think Thursdays make me depressed.” Or even, “Is it just me, or does the boss tend to stare at Jenny more than the rest of us?”

The common element is that these comments shock others out of their routines. Admit it. These remarks are a lot more interesting than, “How are you?” or, “Just fine, thank you.”

Interesting people allow their curiosity and unique point of view to find its way to the surface while everyone else suppresses that stuff to try to fit in.

  1. Interesting people talk to others more.
    As a result, they end up knowing more people. They also become repositories for all kinds of hilarious stories and inside information.

How do they do it?

Often, they just strike up random conversations with random people. I saw someone doing this at Starbucks recently. She started chatting with the person next to her at the condiment bar instead of stirring her coffee in silence. They were complete strangers, but soon they were exchanging stories and gathering information about each other.

You might feel like you simply can’t do that. Honestly, I’m not much of an extrovert, either. So if that’s your excuse, try the next tip.

  1. Interesting people try new things.
    Sometimes it’s travel. Sometimes it’s volunteering at a soup kitchen or going to a soccer game. It doesn’t really matter what it is as long as it’s new to you.

New experiences naturally bring us into contact with new people. There will be questions to ask. Discoveries to make. And even if it doesn’t end up being your favorite new thing, you’ll still have new stories to tell. That means the next time you see a friend or when you show up to the office on Monday morning, you’ll be the person who had an interesting weekend!

  1. Interesting people invite more.
    In other words, they don’t sit around waiting for someone else to invite them to a party, an event, a conversation, or anything else. Instead, if they want to do something, they do the inviting.

Things Interesting People DoAs a result, they often become the hub of activity. They are the ones hosting the party or convincing everyone to buy concert tickets for the same night. That puts them in the middle of the action. They are the instigators of interesting things.

Just to make sure you didn’t miss it before, I don’t offer these suggestions because you’re not interesting right now. You are! And if you’re an introvert, that’s totally okay.

But if you want to broaden your horizons, experiment with these tips. Following these suggestions will make it more likely that others will think of you and remark, “She’s such an interesting person!”

Always on your side,

James Bauer

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11 thoughts on “Things Interesting People Do

  1. K~Mnyn said:

    Humbly I say… you’re right on!
    Spot on! With these tips…
    They ARE truth.
    I know …bcuz I DO them.
    Great affirmation.
    Wonderfully, wildly & widely true.
    YES! THINK 🤔 outside the routine box!;as you mentioned.
    Did you know?… there are
    Introverts, extroverts…& like me,
    a third reference for this particular
    subject, ambiverts?!… Look into
    ambiverts, James, bcuz THAT
    I found interesting too… & heard about ambiverts from a friend once upon a time … & could just tell instantly, “… Hey! That’s me!”

    -🤗Great work, as always, James!

    • James Bauer said:

      Cool, I’ll look into that. I recently took a training course on an updated version of the Myers-Brigs type indicator and I think you would like what they’ve done. Instead of labeling you as an introvert or an extrovert, they break it down into different situations where you may have a mix of different traits showing. I wonder if that’s in line with the ambivert term you shared.

  2. Caroline (Harvey) May said:

    I love the sound , but sensible yet fun advice on your website, and did subscribe for a while and found the articles really helpful especially when dating the friend who became my husband in March 14th 2017.
    Many many thanks

    • James Bauer said:

      Wow! Congratulations, Caroline!!!

  3. karron said:

    Be someone who is enthusiastic about everything,and even in the quiet moments feel deeply,focus on all the possibilities, and look out for the interest of others,and be in the moment,and you will always have stories to tell!

  4. Tracey said:

    Thank you. I have been struggling with life in the last twelve months so your article was a refreshing reminder of the woman I used to be. I always used to think of life as an adventure, therefore throwing myself into as many new experiences as I could and taking advantage of any opportunities that came my way. I have always (until recently) been like this. I think this, as well as my outgoing personality and positive nature made me a very interesting person to be around. I can relate to your article where I used to be the person everyone was chasing as they knew I’d be doing something interesting and fun, even if it just happened to be going to a playground or climbing a tree. My circle of friends at the time started calling me ‘rent a crowd’ as I was constantly invited to gatherings being told to bring my friends as they knew I would have a flock of other interesting, no trouble people in tow. I now have to work on waking up every day again feeling appreciative for all the good things I have in my life and grabbing life with both hands so I can get back to being that interesting person again.

  5. bernadette said:

    James, thanks for your fresh incite and curiosity in trying to help people who struggle to feel like they belong or to feel like they are interesting. I work work with a girl who everyone finds interesting and refreshing. She doesn’t have as much responsibility as I do but she is great with talking to the patients and making them feel like family, I guess. I am more professional and want the patients to complete the physical therapy and I am very nice. I can sense people somewhat dislike me because there is a stark contrast between my interaction and hers. I feel inferior and unable to find the balance. I am trying to be myself and take into consideration all of your tips. Any other thoughts I am open to suggestion.

    • Crissy said:

      I would advise not to compare yourself so much to her. You are doing a good job too! Like James said here, not everyone is an extrovert, and being an extrovert myself I can say that, not everyone enjoys an extrovert either. Lol
      Just try to be more aware of your own internal thoughts. Practice it as often as possible. Once you’re more mindful of your thoughts, if you feel the urge to, just say them aloud… you don’t need to direct them at any particular person either. I talk to myself constantly… many conversations with strangers have started that way actually haha! if you feel like your trying hard to find something funny or interesting to say it may come off as unauthentic to someone else. Even if it doesn’t, you may feel that way yourself and get embarrassed. So my advice is to practice being mindful of your thoughts every day and when you have a funny comment or an interesting thought say it aloud… just see what happens.

  6. sharon fraser said:

    I am so happy, about all these relationship tips because it was very hard for me to, to have a long lasting relationship, but i would put the blame on myself because i didi not date the person long enough…to get to know them well before heading into a relationship, i am thank full for this training, so before i go into a other relationship i will know what to do.

  7. Favour Sunday said:

    James, that is great. On the contrary, with the trend of happenings in the world today, one can be interesting but in order not to attract the wrong people into one’s life, its better to pretend not to be interesting.

    • sharon fraser said:

      Thank u James,,these words really put a smile on my face…especially the part u mention, its better to pretend not to be interesting.

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